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nervous young inhumans outro 2011 edition: fuck i fell in love with someone’s fursona and people aren’t really like that fuck fuck fuck

nervous young inhumans outro 2018 edition: i have discovered reddit. i have learned their ways.

@Ophillous it would be really hard for me to describe how encountering this post made me fee

apparently i NyQuil shopped last night and

damn, i sure am good at finding price mistakes in shit i don’t need when i’m sick and half asleep

browsing a rick and morty thread on a random video game forum and absolutely lost my shit at this sentence


i can go from “that’s all you got >:3” to “am i a good dog ;w;” in three seconds flat don’t test me

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as a bratty piece of shit who also needs constant validation, i was put on here on earth to make life difficult for tops

Turns out the anthro party is actually an event for anthropology majors and not the thing I thought it was

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